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Weird black rare find is Hen of the Woods. or (Science name is Grifola Frondosa). The story of the rare mushroom is I had taken my good luck charm Son, Toren, out to show him the area that had filled with trumpets after the flood. We had an order for Chive Restaurant to fill. After picking several pounds in an area I have been picking for years we had to start heading out as it was getting dark. I have scoured those Oaks so many times in hopes of a nice find like I was about to see. We came around the tree and the light was filtering through the canopy on this one spot next to the tree and there it sat ..a beautiful Hen! It was like nature pointed us straight to it! After A huge squeal of joy, a hug for the Oak tree and an expected eye roll from Toren, we cut the Hen loose put her in the basket and headed back to the truck! It was our first hen in Door County. Door County doesn't have a major amount of these mushrooms as our Oaks are not quite mature enough and we are usually fairly dry. This is a absolute requirement for these beauties. Water and aged oaks as this mushroom lives in symbiosis with the trees. Shannon Pump from Wild Door with a collection of mushrooms recently foraged in Door County. Photo by Len Villano.
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